Vision, Mission and Values
Vision, Mission and Values
Vision, Mission and Values

As co-founder of Maysand I believe that a business isn’t just about making profits. To be truly successful it has to fulfil a wider purpose. That means it has to have a vision that is clear and targeted. It needs a mission that’s not full of platitudes rather tangible outcomes. It also needs core values that come from the top and that resonate throughout the whole business. This is our Vision, Mission and Values statement.
Bryn Lisle
Managing Director

Our Vision
We set a simple goal — to be a successful business for the benefit of our people, our clients and for our wider community. Our targets are to:

maximize the potential of our people by investing heavily in their training and operational needs.

shine a light on unethical practices within the industry and campaign to end them.

raise the bar of environmental sustainability and promote low carbon awareness throughout the company.

to add value to our community through involvement with waste reduction charities.

Our Mission
Maysand is a company that is focused on quality. We will:

work in both public and private sectors to deliver the very highest standards for our sector.

develop lasting partnerships based on delivering trusted and quality service.

continually seek new and innovative ways of working in order to ensure best practice for our clients.

to ensure clear and comprehensive communication of our projects which adds value for clients and stakeholders.

Our Values
We recognise that our reputation and success can only be built on strong foundation of core values. For Maysand our values are:

quality, quality and quality. From the humble internal office systems to key advice to other professionals we set the bar high. Our target is high quality.

an understanding that teamwork is central to our success, that together we are far stronger than the sum of our individual parts.

true partnership — which means working with clients, suppliers and stakeholders to deliver the best possible outcome at least cost to the environment.

to ensure safe practice and a safe working environment in what can be a dangerous work place.