Greek Orthodox Liverpool / by Heather Sutton

Maysand carried out repairs to the exterior at one of Liverpool’s landmark churches.

The Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas on Berkley Street, is one of four original Greek parishes in Britain.

The church, designed in a wonderful Byzantine style, was built in 1870. The work included renewing 3,500 handmade bricks. “It was an honour to be able to work on wonderful piece of architecture,” says Maysand contracts co-ordinator Lee Wilkinson.

“One of the challenges we faced was the fact we needed to match the colour as precisely as possible with the original brickwork. In the end we had to have bricks specially made for the project by a company in Yorkshire.

Works also included repairs to the roof and redecoration of the cast iron windows and guttering and drainpipes. The contract was worth £280,000.

The restoration project was managed by Sheen Project Managers of Liverpool.